Thursday, January 13, 2011

n is for netherlands

It's been ages since I linked to Alphabe-Thursday and I've missed it!  Although I've noticed that it seems in my absence that it's turned into Alphabe-Wednesday as it's 10 minutes until it'sThursday and there are already 35 links.  But I digress.  I'm glad to be back.

Anyway, my N is the Netherlands.  I went there in November and I have yet to share any photos, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to do just that. 

There's a nice little stream through Valkenburg.  I love that a woman in a red coat walked onto the bridge before this shot.

I call this photo "Stream in Valkenburg and Woman with Red Coat."

We were there for kerstmarkt...that's the Christmas market for all you non-Dutch speakers.  Yeah.  Multilingual over here on the blog.  Yeah.

They really go all out on the Christmas decor for the market de kirst.

Cute little Dutch streets.  Gotta love them.  YOU HAVE TO.

No seriously, you really do have to.

More of this stream...from a different angle.

I love the signs.  Although, if you think you can just be a stupid tourist who only speaks English and get by because "oh, the menues are probably in English, too" or "I'm sure someone in here speaks English" then you will starve in Holland.  Here me, people. 

I will pass on the verse mosselen.  Thanks, though.

Pretty sure this was a church or something but I was pretty busy being friggin' cold so I didn't get a chance to check. Looks like a church to me, though.'s a church.

Do those trees remind anyone else of that one in the Harry Potter movie that tries to kill you when you park a car in it?

You can climb some stairs from the main street in Valkenburg to the Valkenburg Castle.  This is what you see if you look up as you climb. 

But don't, because you might  fall and kill yourself on the stone steps like I almost did.

This is the view of the town from the top.

Here is the castle from the town below.

I love the cozy streets.

I also love the buildings.  I've very loving when it comes to the Netherlands.

Those candy-striped awnings were part of the Italian restaurant where we finally gained sustenance even though we thought we might die in the streets of Valkenburg because we didn't speak Dutch, French or German ate.

That pasta was SO good.  I was starving, but it really was quality food.  When we walked into the place I thought the food would be sub-par at best.  Boy was I ever wrong.  Makes me want to learn Dutch.

I don't know why but my love of photographing bicycles is overshadowed only by my love of photographing signs.  Behold:

Okay, maybe "behold" was a strong word for this photo.

Here's a big Christmas tree.  (What?  It's late.  I'm out of interesting things to say.  Just look at the photo.)

We had such a good time in the Netherlands.  I think I'll reflect on it as I gaze at this photo of the stream.

Jenny Matlock


Stef said...

Paige, does every picture you take look absolutely amazing?? You are seriously so talented. I think that you should come over here and take a picture of my family for me because I know they would be amazing. No. Really. You should!!

myorii said...

You know how much we all miss you whenever you go missing, right?

I absolutely love the photos you took of The Netherlands! You should totally be like their photographer for all those guidebooks because seeing all these make me want to pack my bags and go traipsing all over Europe!

One of these days, when E is more tolerable to have on long plane flights, I should tag along with some of my British friends and head to England to visit you :)

Maddy said...

How exciting! It brings back memories from my trip to the Netherlands many moons ago :) I would love to visit again some day!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I loved your walking tour. It was wonderful to explore and see the sights you saw.

Gattina said...

I live in Waterloo/Brussels, but my son and family live in Amsterdam. It's not so far away. But my experience is, that everybody speaks English at least in big towns or tourist towns and the menus are always in both languages.
My son lives there since 6 years and still doesn't speak dutch he does everything in English. Even speaking to his dutch wife, lol !
I understand Dutch very well because I am German.

Ms. Bake-it said...

What a gorgeous place! Fabulous photos Paige! I loved my virtual tour of the Netherlands along with your narrative!

~ Tracy

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

You should have run over there and kissed that woman in the red coat. She MADE the picture.

Jackie said...

Boy , is this ever neat ! Nice pictures of netherlands and ya I'm with you on the cozy streets :) they look real cozy . Those trees beside the Church do look like the ones in Harry Potter! Awesome!

Sue said...

I love these photos. And now, thanks to you, I would love to visit the Netherlands!


Kim Humes said...

omg this is the cutest town I've ever seen!! I was in Amsterdam about 3 yrs ago and really enjoyed it. Was only there for a couple of days so I'd love to go back sometime and see more-looks like this place should be on my list!!

Judie said...

Paige, I loved Holland, and have always wanted to go back! Your pictures are wonderful--a true delight.

RedTedArt said...

Oh some wonderful photos there!! fabulous N post

your friends the keyes said...

wow that is amazing. It makes me want to go to the netherlands so bad. Where is your home? or where do you call home? Why do you travel so much? It's beautiful and amazing. I loved looking at your pictures so thank you for that. ;-)

Jenners said...

Darn it ... I want to go to the Netherlands now and don a red coat and be immortalized in a photo that sounds like a painting!

H said...

It's ages since I've been over to the Netherlands. I want to go back now!

Mrs.Mayhem said...

Gorgeous photos, as usual. You're so lucky to travel so much!

Funny about starving in Holland. Our very first day in Germany was a holiday, and the only restaurant we could find that was open was a Greek one. They only spoke Greek and German, while we had only a rudimentary knowledge of German. Finally we just opened the menu and pointed. We ended up with some, um, interesting dishes.

(Florida) Girl said...

Really awesome. Traveling the world is one of my dreams.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

I want to go to the Netherlands now. The idea of looking up at a castle from times gone by from a person's village is just strange for me. I wonder how old those cobblestones are. Thanks for sharing photos of your trip. I've enjoyed it a lot.

agrigirl said...

Nice photos. I haven't been to the Netherlands in ages but those Verse Mossellen look yummy to me.

jen said...

Can we trade lives for a few weeks? I could eat verse mosselen and you could be mom of my 103 kids?

Pondside said...

Your photos were SO good! I know Valkenburg very well - lived near Maastricht for a few years and spent every spare moment exploring. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I hope you'll post more photos.

Splendid Little Stars said...

Oh, such fascinating photos!! I've never been there and now I want to go! (definitely a church--there's a cross on it.)

Raven said...

You take amazing pics! What a beautiful country. I also like the woman in the red coat on the bridge, she really adds to the picture.

Jenny said...

Hi Paige! So neat to see you here on Alphabe-Thursday.

What amazing pictures you have shared here. I would really love to visit this country. I like the sense of history and texture in everything you showed us.

I moved the link to be live on Wednesday because of the time differences. I'm sorry you were unpleasantly surprised when you came by.

Thanks for the nifty trip today. It was so much easier traveling "Air Life is a Phoenix" and no overage charges on my bags for a change!

Thanks for linking.


Anita Johnson said...

Seriously, you go to the best places. At least I am traveling through your eyes...sort of.


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