Sunday, September 19, 2010

my parents in london

Having my parents here is a real treat.  They are sweet, wonderful people and such good houseguests.  They are also silly.  And regressing.

They've gotten to about four years old.

You'll see.  Over the next several days I'll post some of the things they've said and done.  It's like having two toddlers.  But they are cute toddlers. 

Case in point: This is a conversation I had with my mom about a week before they left home to come and visit us.

Mom: “Will you take us to the grocery store when we get there?”
Me: “Sure. But we’ll have food in the house. We won’t need to.”
Mom: “Yes, but it’ll all be healthy. We want junk food.”
See.  Four.

[On the way to London by train]

Then there's this conversation on the way home from the airport after picking them up.  Granted, they were weary from the journey, but that's not where this came from.  No, my friends, this is everyday material.  Every.  Day.

Mom (to my dad, kind of in a panic): “Did you see where I put my glasses?”
Dad (to mom, completely unphased): “You’re wearing them.”
Mom: “Oh.”
I'll be back with many more moments.  Because this is only the beginning.  I've already filled a sheet of A4 paper with things they've said that I must share with the Internet.  Still going strong, too.

I love them dearly and wouldn't take anything for them and their entertainment value. I'll be back with more as soon as I feed them and put them in front of a movie so I have a few minutes.

[In front of the Tower of London]


Tezzie said...

Oh, how cute are THEY!!? :D Hope you have a lovely visit together!

myorii said...

Your parents are so adorable. ADORABLE!

Hey, since they're with you right now, can you ask them if they'll adopt a 30 year old Chinese girl living in Japan? I'd totally love having another set of parents to hang out with and have such incredible moments with. I come with a 30 year old husband and a 1 1/2 year old child. It's like a package deal :) They don't even have to raise us or pay for our living expenses. We're all pretty self-sufficient here (well, maybe not least not yet). Ask them for me, okay? :)

jen said...

See? You already know a trick of successful mothering--DVD and Doritos. You're well on your way.
What's the British equivalent of Doritos? Or do they carry them over there?

April said...

They are soooo adorable! Glad you guys are having fun. :)

Los said...

Fantastic! As long as they're having fun, right?

Jeanette said...

Funny! Glad you're sharing so we can all get a chuckle.

Mrs.Mayhem said...

Very funny post. Your parents are adorable, and you are, too.

Florida Girl Meets the Midwest said...

How adorable! We all need someone to tell us when our glasses are still on our face.

Jenny said...

They sound adorable!

H said...

So sorry Paige. I started reading your post but I just had to give up because I can't find my glasses anywhere! What's that? Where did you say..?

Jenners said...

Hey ... then I'm about 4 too! I actually looked frantically for my cell phone one day ... WHILE TALKING ON IT!


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