Sunday, September 05, 2010

dr rich, this is for you

I love my chiropractor. He’s the cutest little thing you’ve ever seen. Cuddly, I’d venture. He zips around and gets so much done at once that I’ve always kind of been in awe of him. He’s very no nonsense when it comes to spines, which I like. When I twist mine beyond human capacity he snaps that baby back in place with a swift and certain motion, slaps on the little electroshock therapy thingies and leaves me to wallow and revel in my new found comfort. Just how I like it.

Plus, he always remembers everything about you. Literally, everything. Even when I’d skip my appointments for six months or so, he wouldn’t miss a beat. He would bring up stuff about me in the conversation that even I forgot about me. And believe me, he would take time to talk to you….about your life. Because you mattered. We all mattered. ILOVEDTHATMAN.

There’s just one problem with him: he’s now in a different country. Because he refused to move with me to the UK.

When I got here I started my “finding a new chiro” adventure. And an adventure it was. I found this one woman who did “gentle” chiropractic care. By “gentle care” she meant she could heal my wayward vertebrae with her mind. HER MIND. I am not making this stuff up. She moved me about gently and massaged my aura. I do have to admit that I did feel a little better after having my aura smoothed and rubbed. Psychological or not, I think I might have a dodgy aura that needs sorting.

Then there was the osteopath I went to that one time. The first time I went to the clinic I got cute Swiss guy and he did a few rubs and moves and stuff, but it didn’t fix my mangled back. I even giggled appropriately and stuff. Then the next time I went to that clinic (because I’m desperate and a glutton for punishment) I told the woman that I need some serious work and she proceeded to do this thing that frightened me a little. I remember thinking, “My personal space is a little invaded, but okay. Wait, why are you hugging me? What’s that? I need an adult! I need an adult!” So….I’ve not been back there. That place even had a soothing name like “The La La Clinic” or “Marshmallows” or something equally inoffensive.

So. This is my plea to get my original wonderful, bubbly, happy, remembers-everything-you’ve-ever uttered, perfect chiropractor to move his family to the UK so that my back can be a happy member of society again. Please, Dr. Rich. My spine needs you.

PS: His name is "Dr. Rich" short for Richard.  It's not because he charges an arm and a leg, just in case someone decides to ask.


H said...

The suppose the appointments would prove rather expensive if you added in the airline flight back to the states each time!

April said...

Have faith! Keep looking! I'm sure there's another chiro out there for you. Or... maybe we only get one true chiro love in our lifetime... hahaha ;)

agrigirl said...

I love that you've chosen to honor someone who is not only great at their profession but has made an impact on you. I am also fortunate to know a good chiropractor. Keep up the search.

Unknown Mami said...

I'm pretty sure I could practice "gentle" chiropractic care over the internet or phone. Maybe we could Skype and I could heal you that way. No?

Melissa B. said...

I need someone to walk on my back...

myorii said...

Hmmm, you totally reminded me I am due for another massage :) I love my masseuse the same way you love your chiropractor. It's like an instant magical connection, right? They just know where you hurt and they make if all better... kinda like magical boo-boo fixers.

I'm interested in this "gentle care" chiropractic you went to. I want to see her in action :) I guess it's a little hard to watch her since it's all in the mind but it must be a little funny to watch her facial expression as she tries to get that kink out of her back with her mind :)

Jenners said...

Jeez ... he wouldn't move with you to the UK? He can't be nowhere near as great as you say then!

I've never been to a chiropractor before ... but people who go regularly swear by them. (But good ones I suppose ... not mental chiropractors like you seem to be finding.)


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